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destiny is one of 2014’s most anticipated first-person shooters


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I might be up drinking, doing mock fantasy football drafts and listing to Neil Young.

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House/dog sitting

​So I am house sitting for one of my oldest and best friends for the next few days. We hang out here and do some drinking a good amount of the time which has caused me to do a “thing”. She is OCD with cleaning and so we “play” a little game of me hiding beer bottle caps and sometimes beer bottles around the apartment and I see how long it takes for her to find them. It’s always fun getting a “fuck you” text days later when she found the last one. This has also caused her to usually get my beer for me so I don’t have a chance to hide anything; so its a win/win either way. But, as I am here alone with the dog, I have time and beer on my hands to do some hiding :) Any suggestions for hiding spots are welcome.